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Benefits of Microchipping Pets

As a pet owner, you’re all too aware of your responsibility for keeping your pet safe from various dangers. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, countless animals are lost or stolen every single year. A collar and tag can certainly increase the chances of a missing pet being returned to its owner, but they aren’t always that reliable as they can easily fall off or be removed if someone wanted to. Fortunately, there is a more effective way of attaching your identification to your pet, increasing the likelihood of you both being successfully reunited – microchipping.

What Is Pet Microchipping?


A pet microchip is a small, electronic chip that is placed inside your pet’s body, usually under the skin between the shoulder blades. The chip lays dormant until it comes into close contact with a microchip scanner. When this happens, the microchip sends a unique preprogrammed code/number to the scanner, along with the name/number of the microchip provider. This enables the person scanning your pet to know which microchip provider to contact. When you do, you’ll give them the unique code on the scanner. This relates to an entry on a secure database that contains your personal information with the microchip company, enabling you to be contacted once reported that your pet has been recovered.


Benefits of Microchipping Pets


There is a range of benefits associated with pet microchipping. Let’s break them down.


  • Most veterinary practices and animal shelters are equipped with scanners. Since the majority of recovered pets are taken to vets or shelters, this makes it much faster and easier for you to be contacted.

  • The microchip is completely safe and won’t harm your pet in any way. The actual procedure to place it is no different from a vaccination and takes just a few seconds. A quick injection and it’s all over.

  • The microchip technology is designed to last for the lifespan of your pet, meaning you don’t ever have to worry about replacing it.

  • Return statistics for microchipped pets are extremely positive. One study shows that dogs with microchips have a 52% chance of being returned to their owners, compared to only a 21% chance without a microchip. The statistics for the safe return of cats were even higher at 20x higher for those with microchips than without.

  • Microchips can’t be removed or fall off, meaning that microchipping is the most reliable method of attaching your information to your pet.

  • It’s simple to update your personal information – just contact your microchip provider. It’s important to keep this information current so that you can be contacted if your pet is lost or stolen and recovered.

  • Your personal information is extremely safe. Reputable microchipping companies invest a great deal of time and money in their cyber-security.

  • Many veterinary practices, including Cherry Hills Animal Hospital, keep a supply of microchips at their office ready to go, so what you are you waiting for?

Get your pet microchipped today! Contact our expert veterinary team at Cherry Hills Animal Hospital in Greenwood Village, Colorado at (303) 730-3248 or email us at for more information.

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